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About Friends of Ingraham

Friends of Ingraham is the parent-teacher organization at Ingraham High School. We were organized to provide financial and other support to benefit education at Ingraham, to help develop and maintain a strong sense of shared purpose across the Ingraham community, and to represent the interests of Ingraham High School to Seattle School Board members, Seattle School District Superintendent and staff, state legislators, and others.  

FOI supports Ingraham through volunteering and grants from fundraising.

A walk down the halls at Ingraham is all we need to notice and appreciate what a compassionate and supportive community looks like; colorful posters inviting students to join myriad clubs, an excellent Student Success Center, and art projects on display are all part of the cheerful, welcoming backdrop to our children’s days. What we may not see is that there is an organization, Friends of Ingraham, that unites us all-parents, guardians, faculty, and administrators-to support our students and give them the best high school experience possible.

With your support, FOI bridges the gap between fundamental needs and an exceptional learning environment, providing the tools and opportunities that enrich our students’ learning experiences. From whiteboards and computers to athletic gear and instruments to school supplies and field trip scholarships; you name it, and FOI ensures that Principal Floe and the caring adults behind the scenes have what they need to do their best work for our students.

Go, Rams!

About FOI: About Us
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