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Friends of Ingraham wants YOU

To join the board for the 2020-21 school year!

We're looking ahead to next year and are in search of board members! Joining FOI is a great way to stay involved and make a difference in your student’s high school experience. From highly active to mostly from home, we have roles that suit a variety of schedules.

As with just about everything else this year, the recruitment process has been slightly upended by the school closures. If you’re interested in any of the open positions and just want to chat about them, please feel free to reach out to us (by clicking the contact us below). We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, no commitment necessary. We’re also relying heavily on our community to spread the word through your various channels, as we are unable to connect with people personally. If you know of anyone who may be interested, feel free to share!

Open Board Positions:

  • Treasurer: The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Board and is responsible for handling the financial affairs of the organization, including budgeting, managing accounts, tax reports, and more. The Treasurer leads a team that includes the Bright Futures Treasures, Bookkeeper, and Treasurer’s Assistant. Strong financial skills are required, and a history in finance is helpful. The Treasurer attends all board, grant, and general meetings. The time commitment varies considerably depending on the season, ranging from 4-20 hours per month.

  • Treasurer’s Assistant: As part of the Treasurer’s team, the Treasurer’s Assistant is responsible for donation tracking and acknowledgement. Board meeting attendance is welcomed but not required! The average time commitment is 2 hours per month.

  • Fundraising Chair: We are looking for someone to head our fundraising efforts, specifically the Direct Appeal. There is a lot of flexibility in the position, as it is currently a vacant seat on the board.

  • Hospitality Chair: The Hospitality Chair coordinates the Friends of Ingraham social events, such as the annual Welcome BBQ, Staff Appreciation Breakfasts, and refreshments for the FOI general meetings. Board meeting attendance is welcomed but not required!

  • Volunteer Coordinator (in training): Our current Volunteer Coordinator is interested in training her replacement during the 2020-21 school year. The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting volunteers for school related events, assisting staff with obtaining necessary volunteer paperwork, and working with the IHS office staff to ensure completion of volunteer packets of prospective volunteers. 

  • Ninth-grade Rep: The Ninth Grade Rep acts as a liaison for the incoming Freshman families. They help facilitate 2-3 Ninth-grade specific meetings per year, welcoming attendees and introducing the speakers. They are available to Ninth-grade families throughout the year, answering questions and bringing any concerns to the board. The average time commitment is 2-4 hours per month, with minimal duties outside of the monthly meetings. This position is perfect for someone who likes to engage personally with the IHS community and wants to learn more about Ingraham. No prior experience with Ingraham is necessary, there’s always a board or staff member to help answer any question! 


Looking Ahead

June 15: Graduation
June 18: Last Day of School


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