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Youth classes at Hugo House

Youth Classes at Hugo House-Fall2020
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Keliko Adams is the new Youth Programs Coordinator at Hugo House. I am sharing information to let you know about the different Youth Programs we offer in the hopes that you can help share this information with the families in your community! All of our writing programs for youth are either free of cost or are available on a sliding scale tuition, all currently take place online, all are offered during afterschool time or on the weekends, and range in genre and level of commitment so that all youth who are interested in working on their written craft can find a program that suits them.

This Fall, we are offering a number of Youth Classes, all of which are taught by local published writers and experienced youth educators. This is a great opportunity for youth to learn from and work with writers who also love to teach kids! Families can check out the various classes by clicking the link HUGOHOUSE.ORG/SCRIBES

Next week we will also kick off our program called Write Time, a weekly drop-in writing circle for teens. Students can show up to Write Time with any writing project they are working on or to practice writing to prompts given by the facilitator. Students can receive guidance from the facilitator and/or work in critique groups with peers during this time.

We also host an event called Stage Fright, the first one of which will take place on November 18th. This open mic event is an opportunity for young writers to take a risk and take the (virtual) stage to read/share their writing amongst peers. Stage Fright is hosted by our Young Writer's Cohort, who are high school-aged youth spending a year working in an MFA-like program with Hugo House mentors.

All of our youth programs are aimed at nurturing and supporting young writers of all backgrounds while also helping to build a community of young writers in Seattle. Anyone is welcome to email me with any questions they have!

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