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Ways to Support the Ingraham HS Community

Hello Ingraham Friends and Family.

We are shocked and saddened by the events last week. Every single day, we hold these students in our hearts and look for ways to support them. Friends of Ingraham (FOI) decided to continue with our direct ask fundraiser because we need your support now as much as ever.

The majority of your donations is used to fund grants. Grants allow us to quickly fill needs and provide support on a variety of known challenges and developing needs. We fully expect new and evolving challenges in the months ahead and we are asking for your support so we can be there for our staff and students. Our new grant cycle starts next week!

In the coming weeks we'll highlight past projects and current work. None of us have all the solutions but Friends of Ingraham is dedicated to doing as much as we can to enable our school community in making things better. Thank you to everyone who has already responded and helped out. To date we have raised $14,968 of our $70,000 goal.

One of our co-presidents recently said: "FOI puts the ILY (I love you) in RAM-ily". That pretty much says it all.

Peace, love and gratitude from your FOI Board

Donate to FOI



How can I help? What do you need? Let us know how to support you! These are the

messages of kindness that have filled our inboxes and social media this past week.

When tragedies strike, our human nature tugs at us with a deep desire to help. It’s been

heartwarming to see how our community has quickly mobilized to support the faculty,

staff and admin this week ensuring comforting food is available each day. However, it

is more challenging to answer the complex, multi-layered needs of our Rams students.

FOI Bright Futures Committee works weekly with a dedicated group of admin, staff and counselors to support our most vulnerable students. Now more than ever they cannot be

forgotten. Their most basic needs don't disappear despite the added trauma.

The button bellow is a list of curated items and $25 Kroger gift cards to address specific needs. Items need to be delivered by 1 pm on Tuesday, 11/22.

Our committee will be assembling food backpacks that afternoon!!

Thanksgiving Food Support


Lastly, our Winter Clothing Drive was not able to take place, so we are hopeful to receive much needed coats, hats, socks and gloves in the Amazon Wish List below.

Keeping toiletries stocked is also a never-ending task and will greatly help replenish our

Pride Closet.


Any questions, please email

With gratitude, FOI Bright Futures Committee

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