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Urgent Need for Volunteers

Volunteers Needed for IB Testing at Ingraham High School

The IB World Language oral exam is happening in the first week in April. This involves candidates recording a response to a prompt (a photo or a passage from a text).

There are two steps to this:

1) a prep time with the prompt that could be 15 or 20 minutes followed by;

2) a recorded 15-minute oral commentary and discussion with their teacher. A sample for each language will be sent to IB for assessment. This is a significant assessment – it is required and is 25% of their overall score.

Volunteers are needed to invigilate (aka proctor) the candidates during their prep time. At the end of the prep the candidate is escorted to their teacher for the recording.

It is important to note that an invigilator cannot proctor their own student.

You must already be an Approved Volunteer with Seattle Public Schools. If you are not sure if your approval status is current, please email Elizabeth Hudd at

Sign up here to volunteer for IB Testing:

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