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Spree volunteers needed

Hi, Wondering if you could post the following?

Parents of Juniors and Sophomores - We need you!!! Specifically, we need 8 of you to chaperone Senior Spree night Monday, June 13. Why should you stay up all night when your student isn't going, you ask? Here's why:

1. It's a pay-it-forward kind of thing. When your student has their Spree, parents from the younger classes will chaperone.

2. You'll get a front row look at how Spree is run, so that you'll be ready to help or advise for your student's turn. (There is A LOT to know to plan this event, so it's a great opportunity)

3. You'll be entered in a drawing with the other volunteers for a pair of suite tix to the New Kids on the Block 8 p.m. concert June 4 at Climate Pledge Arena. Re-live your teen years with NKotB, Salt n Pepa, Rick Astley, and En Vogue in a cushy suite - food and beverage included!

4. The Senior class will gift your student's Spree fund $150! Believe it or not, it is not too early to start fundraising.

5. Spree will be fun for chaperones, too! Food, entertainment, coffee, and transportation included.

Grab a friend or a spouse and volunteer together. Here's the link and thank you so much, in advance!


Email for any questions about the night or the responsibilities.

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