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Spirit Week and Spirit Packs!

SPIRIT WEEK- Starts Monday! 10/26. Please post your photos to your class pages in order to receive class points.  Since Hall decorations did not occur, here is the time to get competitive and more importantly, HAVE SOME FUN!!!

Monday:  Pet day. Post a picture of your pet (double class points if pet is in costume)

Tuesday:  Baked goods Day:  Showcase your mad baking skills:  Cookies, cakes, Halloween themed treats!

Wednesday:  RAM OUT! Wear your RAM Spirit gear

Thursday:  Pumpkin Carving

Friday:  Halloween Costume Day:  Must be school appropriate (No weapons, etc) SPIRIT STICK CLUES:  Ms. Huffer will be posting clues for the spirit stick on the APP.  The stick will be hidden virtually and can be hidden ANYWHERE in Seattle.  Submit your guess via email to

Spirit Packs now available for sale on School Pay.  Pick up on Wednesdays from 2-3 by the east gym entrance. Show that Ingy RAM Pride!






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