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September News

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

Welcome back, Rams!

Thank you for attending our first education evening of the year! We hope that the meetings were informative and, more importantly, that you had a chance to connect with Ingraham staff and your fellow community members.

You can learn more about support services available to ninth-grade students here:

And you can learn more about volunteer opportunities and other ways to support FOI here:

We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting!


Are you interested in volunteering at Ingraham this year? For the safety of our students, Seattle Public Schools requires that volunteers complete paperwork and submit to a background check. We encourage everyone to fill out their paperwork as soon as possible! Please visit the SPS website to complete the volunteer paperwork.


Do you have your tickets to the IABC Breakfast of Champions yet? Join us in supporting Ingraham athletics! Meet student athletes from IHS teams and connect with other Ingraham families while enjoying coffee and breakfast.

Tickets are on sale now: $36 advanced purchase, $40 after October 1, 2018. HALF the ticket price goes directly to the team you designate.

Go Rams!


Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who donated time and treats to this month’s Staff Appreciation Breakfast! What a great way to kick off the school year!

For more information about how you can participate in upcoming Staff Appreciation Breakfasts, please check out our volunteer page!


Bright Futures is a program at Ingraham that launched at the 2016-17 annual auction and received an additional boost from the 2017-18 auction. With your continued generosity, the Ingraham counselors have been able to more comprehensively support our students who are experiencing poverty or housing insecurity. ​

A portion of the initial funds were used to set up our Pride Closet, a place where students can access basic items necessary for success, such as school supplies, clothes, food, hygiene products, and more. ​

If you would like to help keep our Pride Closet stocked, please consider dropping off a non-perishable snack donation at the Ingraham main office. You can also make a financial contribution here; simply choose “Cash Donation for Bright Futures” as your donation type.​


Student advocacy success!

We are pleased to announce that due to the efforts of the IHS Feminism Club, with support from Principle Floe and members of FOI, Ingraham High School will provide free feminine hygiene products in Ingraham bathrooms and the health center! Principle Floe and the students are hammering out logistics and are expecting to have everything in order soon.

As stated by the Feminism Club: “Convenient and non-embarrassing access to menstrual hygiene products is important. A lack of access to menstrual hygiene products can provide distraction and detract from equal opportunity between students. Without easy access to these products, students, especially those with lower income families, are left with unsanitary options that are detrimental to their health. Additionally, a need for menstrual products can add to students’ stress and harm their overall mental health. Finally, putting free menstrual products in our bathrooms will assist in lessening the stigma around menstruation. By providing these products at school in an equitable and accessible way, Ingraham can promote its students’ educational progress, and physical and mental health.”

Well done, Feminism Club! We are so proud of the hard work you put in to make Ingraham more equitable and accessible for all students!

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