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My College Game Plan

Dear Parents and Students, Over winter break, I interacted with several families all pondering similar versions of the same question: What can my 10th or 11th grader do, right now, in the middle of an upside-down high school experience, to enhance their chances of college admission and scholarships? Great question. Online school seems endless. Enrichment opportunities seem vanished. Planning for college feels hard. Do you share these concerns? Join me for a FREE online conversation Wednesday, January 13th at 4:00 p.m. PST, where I’ll share concrete steps you and your student can take right now to positively influence their college opportunities. For starters, I’ll address: 1. Whether preparing for the SAT or ACT test is good idea. 2. How to research schools without being able to visit on-campus. 3. What extra-curricular activities are possible and preferable during COVID-19. 4. Why writing compelling college essays matters especially for the Class of 2022. 5. How My College Game Plan can help you successfully navigate your student’s path to college. You can sign up HERE Can’t make it? No problem. Just REGISTER and I’ll send you a recording. Sincerely, Emily Gallagher, Founder, My College Game Plan 206-240-6202

About My College Game Plan: We at My College Game Plan have spent over a decade helping families navigate their journeys to college. We have guided hundreds of students through the application process via personalized coaching and essay writing boot camps. We are excited to help your student begin their journey today! For more information about us and our programs, visit: About Emily: With a Master’s in Education from Harvard University and a BA in History from Stanford University, Emily shares 11 years of independent counseling wisdom with families seeking an edge in the college application process. Since founding My College Game Plan in 2009, Emily has assisted hundreds of students with their college applications and pathways, including athletes aspiring to participate in intercollegiate athletics. Her unique background as a college athlete (DI Basketball) and 18-year veteran of teacher of the high school classroom helps Emily build great rapport with each client. She is a contributor to The Seattle Times "On Course" bi-annual education publication and frequent presenter at local high schools and community venues. About Pam: Pam Borromeo, writing coach, is a 9-year veteran of My College Game Plan. She has been working with high school and college students on their writing for over 20 years. A graduate of the University of Washington with a B.A. in Law and Justice and a B.A. in Ethnic Studies, Pam received a Masters in Education from the UW focusing in multiethnic curriculum and instruction and literacy. She has taught students spanning the spectrum – inner-city, Native Hawaiian homelands, university undergraduates, and internationally renowned college preparatory schools in both Hawai`i and the Seattle Metro areas.

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