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January News

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Direct Appeal Update

This year’s Friends of Ingraham Direct Appeal was a huge success! You guys surpassed our goal by miles, raising over $41,000 to support our students! These donations directly support the 2018-19 school year, allowing us to provide grants for all departments, benefiting every Ingraham student. We are so grateful for the continued generosity of our Ingraham community!

The Counseling Office has a traveling cart. They'll be in the hallway at lunch time. Find the counselors if you need to see your second semester schedule, change a schedule, print a transcript, or just say hi!

Shout Out to ASB!

Bright Futures and Friends of Ingraham would like to extend our gratitude to Lena Sullivan and the Ingraham High School ASB for organizing the Holiday Giving Tree! Your efforts brightened the holidays for so many of our Ingraham Students.

Ingraham Logo - Blue background, grey capital letter I,  Ram head in front in blue and grey

Friends of Ingraham wants YOU!

If you’re interested in joining the FOI Board for the 2019-20 school year, we would love to chat with you! We will be posting detailed board positions throughout the coming months, but please feel free to reach out to with any questions, or just swing by our next board meeting!

Razzle Dazzle!

2019 IHS Performing Arts Student Showcase and Fundraiser

February 2, 2019  7:00-9:00pm 

Tickets available at

Volunteer to help!

  • Student performances—instrumental and vocal music, plus a preview of CHICAGO 

  • Light hors d’oeuvres 

  • Beer and wine available for purchase 

  • Raise the Paddle, 50/50 Raffle and Dessert Dash 

Feb 4: “Love Letters” Submissions Due

"Love Letters" is an upcoming zine archiving the impact of school libraries in Seattle Public Schools. Submit your original creations (letters, stories, comics, photos, art, song, you name it) on the topic of “What Does Your School Library Mean to You” to


February 12th is Special Election Day,

Remember to Turn in Your Ballot!

At our last FOI Family Education Evening, we discussed the replacement levies that Seattle residents will be voting on. This topic

School Levies: Two replacement levies to be on the Feb. 12, 2019 election ballot (This information and more can be found on the Seattle Public Schools website.)

In February 2019, Seattle voters will be asked to replace two expiring levies to fund Seattle Public Schools — an operations levy and a capital levy.

Operations Levy Replacement (Educational Programs & Operations Levy):

  • Funds critical day-to-day school operations, such as additional school staff beyond what the state allocates.

  • Helps pay for instructional materials and textbooks.

  • Bridges the funding gap between what the state funds and what Seattle students need

  • Provides funds for Special Education to ensure our 7,000 students who need special education services have necessary supports.

  • Helps close the opportunity gaps by continuing to provide programs to support our most vulnerable students.

Building Excellence V (BEX V) Capital Levy Replacement:

  • Improves safety and security at every school in the district.

  • Reduces the number of portable classrooms.

  • Adds schools and classrooms to the district.

  • Improves technology infrastructure for schools.

  • Provides access to classroom technology.

logo - orange school building, blue background - reads "Building for Learning Education Levies 2019"

Why do we need the EP&O Levy?

School districts are funded through state, local and federal dollars. But there’s currently a gap between what the state funds for K-12 education and what Seattle students need.

So, every three years, the district asks voters to consider renewing the operations levy, which is a local education property tax. In addition, school construction is primarily funded by local voter-approved capital levies.

Washington state recently changed how it helps fund schools. Some school districts saw a large increase in state funding, while others, like Seattle, didn’t.

While we're grateful for the increases that have been provided, the state still isn't fully funding K-12 education. This creates a gap between what the state funds and what we need for our nearly 53,000 students.

Starting in the 2019-20 school year, Seattle Public Schools will face an even greater deficit because the state limited our ability to collect the local education levies we need for our students here in Seattle.

infographic - state spends $4,100/year per student, but because of state's cap on local education levy funding, the district will now receive about $2500 per student

Less Money for our Students

Seattle Public Schools spends an additional $4,100 per student each year from local education levies. But because of the state's cap on local education levy funding, the district will now receive a little over half of that amount—or about $2,500 per student—and that's provided by the Feb. 2019 operations levy renewal is approved by voters.

  • Nurses The state funds 9 nurses for our 53,000 students. We employ 63.

  • Counselors The state funds 115 counselors for our 53,000 students. We employ 125.

  • Custodians The state funds 226 custodians to care for more than 3,200 classrooms. We employ 312.

  • Special Education The state funds $68 million a year for special education. To ensure our 7,000 students who need special education services have the supports they need, we spend $140 million a year for special education. That's a $72 million gap.


Volunteer Opportunities

Ingraham Shadow Tours: During Shadow Tours, visiting students can reserve a morning to shadow one of our current 9th grade students for 4 classes.

We need a couple of parent volunteers to chat with parents who are dropping off their students. They will assist with questions visiting parents may have. Please see the sign up for details. 

Please feel free to contact the Friends of Ingraham Volunteer Coordinator with any questions. Thank you for your consideration!

Rams Go To State!

Want to come cheer on our Rams? You can find the athletics schedule by visiting Metro Athletics!

Bright Futures Update

Bright Futures is a program at Ingraham that launched during the 2016-17 FOI annual auction. Due to the generous supporters at the auction and the continued support of the Ingraham community, the Ingraham Counselors have been able to more comprehensively support our students who are facing homelessness or housing insecurity.

The PRIDE Closet is supported by Bright Futures and is a space where students can access necessities such as warm clothes, food, and school supplies. If you would like to help keep the Ingraham PRIDE Closet stocked, please consider checking out our Amazon Wish List. Save this link, as we will update it as needs arise. Fresh new socks are always appreciated and can be dropped off in the main office any time! Thank you for your continued support! 

Class of 2019 Families

Hello Parents/Guardians for the Class of 2019! Several events are being planned for the seniors—including Prom, Senior Breakfast and the Senior Party (Spree).

What is the Senior Party?

The Senior Party (also known as Spree) is the night of graduation from about 9:00pm to 5:30am the following morning. This party is sponsored by the parents of the Senior Class and organized in secret by a committee sworn to secrecy. The objective of the all-night party is to keep our students in a safe environment to celebrate the completion of their high school education and celebrate with their classmates.

Does my senior need a ticket for each event?

All senior students wishing to participate in these fun events must have a Senior Card. Each senior must have their own Senior Card. Individual event tickets are not available.

How do I get a Senior Card?

Senior Cards are available for purchase on SchoolPay, and include a ticket to Prom (not including guests), Senior Breakfast, and the Senior Party (Spree).

If you have not purchased your student’s senior card yet—now is a good time. You can also make a donation to the scholarship fund to make sure that all seniors are able to attend.

More details on the specifics of Graduation will follow later on. Questions? Please email Ms. Malone, 2019 Class Adviser.

Where Do I Find Updates from IHS?

Drowning in emails, feeling a little lost about which ones to pay attention to? Trust us, we get that question a lot. We know that the flow of information can get a little confusing at times. In an effort to clarify the purposes of two of the different bulletins you may receive from Ingraham, we’ve provided a brief explanation of each below. We hope it’s helpful, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to Friends of Ingraham with any questions.

  • The Daily Bulletin (DB) is a notification for students that families can also receive. In it you’ll find daily information such as the upcoming lunch menu, testing schedules, scholarship and volunteering information, and the like.

  • The Parent Bulletin is sent out on Fridays. In it you’ll find news from Friends of Ingraham (FOI), the parent-teacher organization at Ingraham, the Ingraham Performing Arts Booster Club (IPAB), Ingraham Athletics Booster Club (IABC), and the administration. Topics will include upcoming meetings, fundraising, calendar events, and news from around the school.

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