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FOI Annual Appeal!

The FOI Annual Appeal has begun! You can give now by clicking

It has been a great start to the school year and we are thrilled to have our students back in the classroom with all of the excellent teachers and staff at IHS.

Friends of Ingraham was created to lift-up our students and give them the best high school experience possible. Thanks to your support we spend over $160,000 each year directly supporting Bright Futures, our students, teachers, and staff.

In the past we have relied on both the Annual Appeal and an auction to fund our work, but the pandemic will prevent us from having an auction this year- and so we need your support NOW!

This year’s Annual Appeal has a goal of $60,000 and we are asking you to join us in making a financial contribution to Friends of Ingraham. Please

You can also text “RamFriend” to 366283 for a link on your phone

Thank you for your support!

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