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Emily Irwin: Mindfulness and Teens

Friends of Ingraham was pleased to welcome Emily Irwin to our final Family Education Evening of the 2019-20 for a wonderful discussion about mindfulness and teens. We know that schedules prevented some who wanted to attend from participating, so Emily graciously recorded the presentation and shared her slides with us so that we could make them available to the community. Below you’ll find the list of resources Emily shared at the end of her presentation, as well as some that she mentioned during the discussion.

If you have any questions for Emily Irwin, you can contact her at

Zoom Presentation

PowerPoint Slides

Mindfulness, teens and mental health
Download PPT • 13.24MB

Mindfulness Resources

Center for Child and Family Well-Being: Local resource that supports families and mindfulness practice, has adult and teen mindfulness courses:

Jean Twenge: iGen; a book about teens and technology:

Nadine Burke Harris, MD: The Deepest Well;

Christopher Willard: Growing Up Mindful;

George Mumford: The Mindful Athlete;

David A Treleaven: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness;

Johann Hari: Lost Connections; a book by Johann Hari about mental health and what we can do to improve it;

Lisa Damour: Books/articles about teens and mental health;

Tara Brach: Guided meditations and mindfulness resources;

David Flack: Local trainings/workshops about teens including one comping up called “Teens and the Pandemic Blues: An Online Training.” June 11, 9-12 w/ Cascadia;

Insight Timer: Free meditation app, includes a teen course by Jessica Morey;

Ten Percent Happier: meditation app;

Mindful Schools: Online mindfulness training for parents and educators;

Sam Himelstein: Runs Center for Adolescent Studies, online courses;

Why Aren’t We Teaching You Mindfulness: TED Talk;

iBme: Mindfulness summer camps for teens;

Gina Biegel and Stressed Teens: Mindfulness courses for teens;

Peace in Schools: First for credit mindfulness course for teens in country;

Space Between: Space Between is offering free virtual mindfulness, intentional movement, and compassion practices;

New Harbinger workbook series:

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