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College Visits at Ingraham

University bulding with lawn and fountain

College reps are coming to Ingraham!

All visits are held in the Ingraham library unless otherwise noted. Please sign up in advance in the counseling office or through Naviance. Every student is welcome to attend; however, no labs, tests or quizzes may be missed for these visits without express written consent from the teacher.

For more information, including registration deadlines and any updates, please check the Daily Bulletin.

Sept 23

8:55am - University of Rochester

1:50pm - Whittier College

Sept 24

8:55am - University of Portland

9:55am - Muhlenberg College

11:15am - Bucknell University

12:15pm - Haverford College

1:50pm - University of Denver

2:50pm - The Evergreen State College

Sept 25

9:40am - University of Puget Sound

11:00am - University of Notre Dame

11:45am - Sarah Lawrence College

1:50pm - University of New Hampshire at Durham

Sept 26

8:55am - Bates College

11:15am - University of Washington, Bothell

1:50pm - Central Washington University

Sept 27

8:55am - University of British Columbia, Okanagan Campus

Sept 30

11:15am - Washington University in St. Louis

12:15pm - The University of Arizona

2:50pm - Lewis and Clark College

Oct 1

8:55am - Case Western Reserve University

9:55am - Berklee College of Music

11:15am - Occidental College

1:50pm - Washington State University

Oct 2

8:55am - Oberlin College of Arts and Sciences

9:40am - University of San Francisco

11:00am - Kenyon College

11:45am - University of California, Los Angeles

1:05pm - Middlebury College

1:50pm - Tufts University

Oct 3

8:55am - Western Washington University

9:55am - University of Massachusetts, Amherst

2:50pm - Reed College

Oct 4

8:55am - The College of Wooster

9:55am - Pitzer College

11:15am - Santa Clara University

1:50pm - Goucher College

2:50pm - Northwestern University

Oct 7

8:55am - The New School, All Divisions

9:55am - Hamilton College, New York

11:15am - University of California, San Diego

12:15pm - Colorado College

1:50pm - Gonzaga University

2:50pm - Wesleyan University

Oct 8

8:55am - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

9:55am - Trinity College

11:15am - Syracuse University

12:15pm - Clark University

2:50pm - Harvey Mudd College

Oct 9

8:55am - California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

9:40am - New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts

11:00am - Tulane University

11:45am - Fordham University

1:05pm - Eckerd College

1:50pm - Mills College

Oct 10

8:55am - University of Washington

9:55am - Colby College

11:15am - University of Colorado at Boulder

1:50pm - Vanderbilt University

2:50pm - Northern Arizona University

Oct 14

8:55am - California Lutheran University

9:55am - Johns Hopkins University

11:15am - Seattle University

12:15pm - Chapman University

1:50pm - Linfield College

2:50pm - The George Washington University

Oct 16

9:40am - Northwest University

11:45am - New York University

1:05pm - Saint Martin's University

Oct 17

1:50pm - Hawaii Pacific University

Oct 18

8:55am - Oregon State University

9:55am - Northwest College of Art & Design

11:15am - University of Chicago

12:15pm - University of Oregon

1:50pm - Whitman College

2:50pm - Lawrence University

Oct 21

9:55am - Willamette University

1:50pm - Willamette University

Oct 22

8:55am - University of Oregon

9:55am - Seattle University

Oct 23

8:55am - Yale University

11:00am - University of San Diego

Oct 24

11:15am - University of Utah

1:50pm - Boston University

2:50pm - University of Utah

Oct 28

8:55am - American University

1:50pm - Pacific Lutheran University

Oct 29

8:55am - University of Redlands

9:55am - University of Toronto (Undergraduate only)

12:15pm - Simon Fraser University

Oct 30

8:55am - Goldsmiths, University of London

9:40am - University of Toronto (Undergraduate only)

11:00am - Pace University, New York City

11:45am - Illinois Institute of Technology

1:05pm - Marymount California University

1:50pm - Sacred Heart University

Oct 31

8:55am - Loyola University New Orleans

9:55am - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

11:15am - Loyola Marymount University

12:15pm - University of East Anglia

1:50pm - Pomona College

2:50pm - St. Olaf College

Nov 1

1:50pm - The University of Tampa

2:50pm - University of California, Santa Barbara

Nov 4

8:55am - Colorado Mesa University

9:55am - Lafayette College

1:50pm - Portland State University

2:50pm - Trinity College, Dublin

Nov 5

8:55am - University of California, Davis

9:55am - University of New Hampshire at Durham

Nov 6

1:05pm - Earlham College

Nov 7

9:55am - Montana State University, Bozeman

Nov 20

9:40am - Western Oregon University

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