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*UPDATED* September College Visits at Ingraham

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

College reps are coming to Ingraham! All visits are held in the Ingraham library unless otherwise noted. Please sign up in advance in the counseling office. Every student is welcome to attend; however, no labs, tests or quizzes may be missed for these visits without express written consent from teacher.

Check out the schedule below. If you would like to familiarize yourself with the schools before attending the information sessions, please follow the links to visit their websites.

TUESDAY, Sept. 11:

Hawai'i Pacific University - 11:15am

Central Washington University - 12:15pm


Duquesne University - 8:55am

Macalester College - 9:40am

THURSDAY, Sept. 13:

Wake Forest University - 12:15pm

FRIDAY, Sept. 14 :

University of Alabama - 8:55am

Cornish College of the Arts - 9:55am

Dartmouth College - 1:50pm

MONDAY, Sept. 17:

Carleton College - 11:15am

University of Puget Sound - 12:15pm

Lafayette College - 2:50pm

TUESDAY, Sept. 18:

Brown University - 8:55am

University of Arizona - 1:50pm

St. Martin’s University - 2:50pm

THURSDAY, Sept. 20

University of Rochester - 9:55am

Stanford University - 11:15am

University of Alaska, Fairbanks - 2:50pm

FRIDAY, Sept. 21

College of the Atlantic - 8:55am

Whitman College - 9:55am

University of Redlands - 1:50pm

Reed College - 2:50pm

MONDAY, Sept. 24

Harvey Mudd College - 8:55am

George Washington University - 9:55am

Bates College - 1:50pm

New York Film Academy - 2:50pm

TUESDAY, Sept. 25

University of Montana - 8:55am

Wellesley College - 9:55am

Davidson College - 11:15am

Colorado State University - 2:50pm


Kenyon College - 9:55am

Concordia University, Portland - 12:15pm

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