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Annual Appeal is On!

The FOI Annual Appeal is on! You can give now by clicking

This year’s Annual Appeal has a goal of $60,000 and we are asking you to join us in making a financial contribution to Friends of Ingraham.

Your donation will directly impact the students of Ingraham including those who are supported by our Bright Futures program. Bright Futures goal is to provide resources that allow the IHS Counseling team to comprehensively support our students who are experiencing poverty or housing insecurity. Bright Futures works to normalize the high school experience for all students by funding basic needs such as food, clothing, toiletries and shoes; academic needs such as study workbooks and computers; and experiential needs such as club activity fees and uniforms. During the past year Bright Futures provided $2,000 of grocery cards every week to IHS families.

Please give now so that FOI has the resources to support our entire IHS community.

You can also text “RamFriend” to 366283 for a link on your phone

Thank you for your support!

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