COVID-19 Updates

All school buildings are closed through the end of the 2019 - 20 school year. Please see the Seattle Public Schools Website for the most up-to-date information.

We have gathered a list of resources for our community and continue to update it regularly. You can access that information in the "Community Resources" post on our Latest News page.

Our dedicated counselors and the Bright Futures team are committed to continuing to serve our students during this time. We have over 200 students at Ingraham who are experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity, and their families are really struggling right now during the Covid-19 crisis. Our counselors have been helping by handing out grocery cards, getting access to diapers, clothes, hygiene supplies and much more. As Assistant Principal Tami Brewer puts it, "I ran out of grocery cards this week and the amount of need within our Ingraham community is truly staggering."

If you can help our Ingraham families during the closure, please consider making a cash donation to Bright Futures. Any amount helps, and Friends of Ingraham will make sure the money quickly goes to Ram families in need.


Thank you to our Ram Community

Dear Ingraham Community,

Community is a word we reference often without thinking about what it can truly mean.  I wanted to share with you some of my experiences with the Ingraham Community over these past few weeks which have given me a new appreciation for not the noun but rather the verb of community.  It has been truly an experience of people in action.

The Bright Futures and Friends of Ingraham leadership teams have “met” virtually every week without fail and have allocated weekly funds to purchase gift cards and meet other immediate financial needs for our families and students experiencing food and housing instability.  These needs were present and being attended to by our Bright Futures group prior to the COVID 19 situation and these needs have been amplified in this crisis. Ingraham parents and community partners have donated thousands of dollars (and continue to do so) to replenish our funds. These funds have been spent to purchase more grocery gift cards making this effort not a “one-time gift” but regular support to those who need it. Many of our families are struggling to put food on the table for their teens and other children in their homes. Some of our families have faced potential eviction and needed our help.  Bright Futures has responded by resourcing our counselors and administrators who are taking action by meeting these needs.  The INGRAHM COMMUNITY has responded by providing the resources for this work to happen and they continue to respond.

I would also like to highlight the tireless efforts of our Ingraham instructional assistants, teachers and support staff who have been making personal contact with students and “tracking down” each and every Ram! In this time we have to keep all students engaged in their school community and the staff have used all known methods to make this happen. Teachers have re-created classes and launched their classes into an on-line platform in record time with little to no notice at all.  They have kept learning going.  Our students have responded by engaging with their teachers to the extent that has been reasonably possible for them. Each student has a unique situation and circumstance. Our Ingrahm staff understands this reality and continues to work to get each student “on-board”. This will take some time but we are making progress. 

I would also like to recognized the many parents and staff who have volunteered to assist with the distribution of laptops via the district roll-out on our campus.  I know of staff and parents who are working in food banks and countless other small acts of kindness and service to others.  Most of these acts go without public fanfare but I want to appreciate each and everyone of you who have made this time easier for each other.  It is making a difference. 

In closing, we do not know exactly how school will look in the near future.  Many of the details are in the process of being worked out.  That will come in time and all will be addressed.  However, what I do have certainty in now is our schools ability to sustain a supportive and inclusive school COMMUNITY which is ACTIVE and delivering on our motto of…it’s a matter of PRIDE each day.  May you all experience this time with our community values of Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Encouragement as an Ingraham Ram. Our bonds are not broken but solidified in this time of separation. To quote our fight song, “Ingraham High…our Hats are off to YOU”. I can’t wait to sing this with our students in our building again! 

Stay safe and well,

Tami Brewer

Ingraham High School

Assistant Principal

“It’s a matter of PRIDE”

Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Diversity and Encouragement


Message from IHS Counselors

Counselors are messaging with your kids via Schoology, email, Instagram and Facebook, trying to gauge questions, needs, and to keep connected as best we can during this time.

During this time we are asking students to:

a) Complete registration via the Student Source Account. If you or they have any questions or are having any trouble, please send contact their counselor.

b) Work on their Naviance tasks. These tasks and to-dos are a part of their "High School and Beyond Plan" which is required for graduation and tracked by the district and OSPI. If they have any questions about how to complete these, there are step-by-step instructions in Schoology and a list of all of their tasks. For those who have opted out of Naviance, if they have access to Schoology, they should have the “opt out” version of the lesson as well. If they do not have access to Schoology, counselors will provide those lessons in another way.

c) Just check in if they are having questions or concerns. We are all trying to figure this out as we go. This is a stressful time so we want to help in any way we can.

Anyone who needs resources can feel free to contact us. There are currently 26 sites throughout Seattle Public Schools that are offering to-go lunches, and potentially other food sources, as well. Starting next week they will also have packets of learning experiences. See the list of the 26 sites here.

Please let us know if there’s anything we can help with. Stay safe!

Leanne Hust (Last names A-Du)

Kathryn Feder (Last names Dw-Ki)

Jensen Bonney (Last names Kk-Q)

Angie Allemand (Last names R-Z)

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Message from the Health Center

During school closure, the Health Center team is working off-site. Messages will be checked daily, and they will do their best to respond to students' needs. Please leave a good phone number if this is a confidential matter.

Ingraham Teen Health Center is offering birth control refills, STD testing and treatment, pregnancy tests, other medication refills as needed, and counseling.

For medical care call 206-477-9715 to leave a message for Teri Ginster, the Nurse Practitioner, to follow up with you within 1-2 business days.

For counseling call 206-381-4182. These are confidential voice mails so please leave a message with the best phone number to reach you.

If you are in crisis call 911 or text 741741.

If you have questions about Coronavirus illness call your regular clinic or 206-477-3977.

We hope you are well, and we are here to support you during this difficult time.

Researching and Writing

IB Update

IB exams and refunds:  IBO has not made any specific comment regarding refunds of exam fees.  Students will receive an IB grade for their registered subjects.   

When IB cancelled the May exams in response to the global crisis, resources were shifted to develop a grading system for the May session. IB consulted with direct stakeholders as well as colleges and universities to ensure that the IB scores would be recognized and trusted by colleges and universities throughout the world

Early in March, the IBO started work on developing a statistical model for awarding grades with limited student coursework.  IB has a huge trove of data from decades of examinations and coursework.  They are able to look at subject data for trends at global, national, state and school levels.  IB drew on its long experience in moderating internal assessment scores for a subject based on a sample of work. They also took into account that students tend to perform better on exams than on coursework.  The predicted subject grades provided by teachers will also be considered in calculating grades.  A top priority throughout the process has been to ensure the grades would be considered valid for university admission. 

By state law, public colleges and universities in Washington must recognize any IB score of 4 or higher. All of the public higher ed institutions now have a policy in place.  It’s doubtful they can walk away from that legislative mandate. IB closely watched and supported the process to achieve that goal.  In discussions with senior IB leadership in North America, they believe IB has constructed a system that will maintain a high level of trust with students and universities.  

Information for accessing scores will be sent out in June – scores are released in early July.

May 2020 IB Exams Canceled

The May 2020 IB exams for Diploma Program candidates are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Depending on what they registered for, the student will be awarded a Diploma or a Course Certificate which reflects their standard of work. This is based on student's coursework and the established assessment expertise, rigor and quality control already built into the program.   

More details can be found on the IB page.  IBO will share more details and FAQs with us and on their website by 27 March 2020.  

Any deadlines found on the IBO website are the deadlines for schools to have submitted scores for external and internal assessments, sample internal assessments and external assessments for some subjects.    

Extended Essay:  We are moving forward with the extended essay.  We may be a bit behind schedule for assigning advisors, but not more than a week.  Once advisors are assigned, they will contact their advisees.